General Mission

"IUET – International University of Entrepreneurship and Technology Association"

The International University of Entrepreneurship and Technology Association was established to drive entrepreneurship and innovation through pioneering and boundary-spanning research and educational activities actively engaging different decision-makers and opinion-leaders. IUET serves as a platform and coordinator of preparations of the academic content and the implementation of transnational university activities, inspired by the vision of linking entrepreneurship and technology in innovative ways, and to be undertaken through collaboration between universities in different countries.

IUET aims to provide a bridge across traditional boundaries, for instance between academic and university education, on the one hand, and technical and vocational training on the other hand, or between entrepreneurship research and education versus carrying out entrepreneurship activity in practice. In all its activities, IUET draws on the latest international experience while honouring local connection and adaptation. It aims to explore, develop and implement new and pioneering educational methods and tools.